Philipp Naumann

Law in a new way

Every now and then, good legal advice requires a change of perspective.

It can be dangerous to always consider legal problems from the same angle. Law changes, situations change. Therefore, it is important – especially when advising – businesses, to take a new approach every now and then, in order to ensure maximum success.

In particular, when advising companies, it is important to me to develop new approaches and advisory strategies, if doing so contributes to the success of a company.


Philipp Naumann read law at the University of Bayreuth and the Georg-Augst University of Göttingen focusing on corporate law, business and employment law.

After his legal training at the Regional Appeal Court (Oberlandesgericht) Braunschweig, Phillip Naumann worked for one of the leading mid-size law firms in Frankfurt/Main. He focused on employment law, business and corporate law.

Phillip Naumann  was admitted to practise as a lawyer in March 2013. He joined the Frankfurt/Main office of Bartsch Rechtsanwälte in July 2014.

Philipp Naumann is currently working on his doctoral degree with a thesis regarding legal history.

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Philipp Naumann
Further information

Areas of Specialization

  • Employment law and labour law
  • Commercial and corporate law

Higher Education

Read law at University of Bayreuth and the Georg-Augst University of Göttingen

Legal trainee at the Regional Appeal Court (Oberlandesgericht) Braunschweig


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