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Law, economics and technology

In this field, we advise mainly medium-sized companies – in this field, we support you with professional competence and experience in all relevant areas of law.

  • We are advisors for companies.
  • We do not raise concerns, we constructively contribute to find solutions and support your entrepreneurial decisions
  • We efficiently work together with other advisors or the legal department of your company – to us, this is also part of excellent advice.
  • We are a well-attuned team of specialists. As experts we focus on our specialist fields, without ever losing sight of legal and economic correlations.
  • Our multidisciplinary cooperation within the law firm allows for comprehensive legal advice at the highest level.
  • The extensive teaching experience of our lawyers and the numerous publications are proof of our expertise in the respective fields of law in which we advise you.

  • Employment Law
  • Construction Law and Law Governing Architects
  • Inheritance Law and Company Succession
  • Corporate Law
  • Intellectual Property and Copyright Law
  • Commercial Law
  • Real Estate Law
  • IT Law
  • Dispute Resolution

Bartsch Rechtsanwälte – Departments

Employment Law

We advise businesses and executives on all issues relating to employment law. We provide assistance in the development of personnel and remuneration schemes and help to draw up tailor-made concepts for your business.

Our clients appreciate the fact that owing to frequent communication with the management and personnel department of businesses, we are able to provide answers in an uncomplicated manner and develop pragmatic solutions.

Based on our substantial experience as expert speakers, we also offer in-house seminars ranging from mandatory training in accordance with the German Equal Treatment Act (Allgemeines Gleichbehandlungsgesetz) to customized in-house training for executives.

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Bartsch Rechtsanwälte – Departments

Construction Law and Law Governing Architects

We advise property developers and investors throughout all phases of their projects, starting with the purchase of land, via realization of the project and including the rental or sale of the property. We ensure that the relevant agreements required are well-coordinated with one another. Where conflicts or differences of opinion arise within a project, we deliver advice in the sense of a viable economic realization of the project for the property developer. If necessary, we assert interests in court.

We advise construction companies during contractual negotiations with property developers and with regard to the details of agreements with sub-contractors.

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Bartsch Rechtsanwälte – Departments

Inheritance Law and Company Succession

We advise and represent our clients in matters of company succession planning and with regard to the distribution of estates.

The best possible alignment of the flow of assets within the family while safeguarding the interests of family members are the primary aims when planning company succession. In that context it is important to develop legally secure and tax-optimized solutions.

We represent our clients when dealing with inheritance matters both in and out of court. Our declared objective is always to avoid court proceedings through skillful negotiations and to conduct unavoidable litigation speedily and efficiently as regards costs. 

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Bartsch Rechtsanwälte – Departments

Corporate Law

An established medium-sized company requires different legal advice than a young start-up and both need different legal advice than a venture capital investor.

In order to get the best advice possible, companies and investors of every size and structure need more than purely legal advice. They also need economic expertise and the ability of their advisors to analyse and create structures.

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Bartsch Rechtsanwälte – Departments

Intellectual Property and Copyright Law

We advise enterprises and their investors on the protection of intellectual property and on compliance with requirements of competition law. This includes the cross-border protection of R&D results, the structuring of both licence agreements and strategies when dealing with the know-how of an enterprise.

We perform the registration and administration of German, European and international trademarks, and ensure that intellectual property rights are enforced against infringements both in and out of court; we also defend intellectual property against claims made by third parties.

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Bartsch Rechtsanwälte – Departments

Commercial Law

Our law firm delivers advice to entrepreneurs, enterprises and investors, managing directors and members of the board throughout all phases of the development of an enterprise. Our clients in the area of corporate law include the founders of companies, venture capital investors and established medium-sized enterprises.

We advise shareholders and investors with regard to legal relations with one another, and if necessary conduct proceedings where litigation is unavoidable.

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Bartsch Rechtsanwälte – Departments

Real Estate Law

Property transactions are complex and fraught with risk in various aspects. Professional legal advice, practical experience and technical know-how with the realisation significantly contribute to the success of real estate projects.

With this in mind, we support you in your property transactions: from the acquisition of real estate to the financing – and, if necessary, reorganisation – up to a possible sale or use. Of course, we also assist you in formulating the required contracts (sale-and-lease-back, energy contracting, etc.).

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Bartsch Rechtsanwälte – Departments

IT Law

Our clients include users and manufacturers of IT products as well as IT services providers, ranging from start-up businesses to global enterprises.

In the IT sector the technology develops at a much faster pace than the law. Hence IT law always addresses new technical matters on which traditional law has not yet yielded unequivocal answers. We have substantial experience in dealing with these uncertainties. The best means of reducing risks is a clear-cut contractual structure.

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Bartsch Rechtsanwälte – Departments

Dispute Resolution

Those who are right should also gain their right. However, there are no hard and fast rules for this – each case, every life situation is unique.

Controversial disputes in court can be the right way to gain one’s right – as well as alternative methods of dispute settlement. For the right way may not only depend on the law, but also on a variety of other factors, such as economic aspects and time frames.

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