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Dr. Gerhard Wagner

The context within which many enterprises, entrepreneurs and employees act today is becoming increasingly complex owing to progressing digitization, internationalization and globalization.

This has a noticeable and direct impact on all those involved, not least owing to the large volume of legal provisions within the framework of which enterprises, employers and employees now have to operate and find their way.

Examples are provisions that apply in the course of corporate restructuring, outsourcing, reorganization and turn-around situations, as well as the law governing works councils and collective bargaining agreements.

A competent partner who works towards achieving solutions is necessary so that entrepreneurs, enterprises, employers and employees are able to handle the increasing complexity. I am such a competent partner. Based on over 25 years of practical experience in various responsible positions in industrial enterprises, together with my work as a lawyer, I am familiar with the needs and demands of entrepreneurs, enterprises and employees alike. My approach is and has always been to seek pragmatic, successful solutions in the interest of the enterprise, based on a sound knowledge of the relevant area of the law.


Dr. Gerhard Wagner read law at the University of Heidelberg. He wrote his doctoral thesis under the guidance of Professor Dr. Bernd Waas (University of Frankfurt) at the Private University of the Principal of Liechtenstein, on the theme of German and Austrian works council constitution law - a comparison from the perspective of legal history.

Dr. Wagner completed his legal training in Darmstadt. He was admitted to practise as a lawyer in 1995 and has been an expert in labour and employment law since 1999. In addition to practising as a lawyer, Dr. Wagner worked in various leading management positions at a Deutsche Bahn group company, a subsidiary of Deutsche Telekom AG, at Brückner Maschinenbau GmbH and for the last almost 12 years at HOERBIGER Holding AG, on behalf of the HOERBIGER group of companies. The last five years as Chief Human Resources Officer and a member of the group management.

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Further Information

Areas of Specialization

  • Expert in  Labour and Employment law

Higher Education

  • Degree in law at University of Heidelberg
  • Trainee lawyer in Darmstadt
  • Doctorate at the Private University in the Principal of Liechtenstein, Triesen, guided by Professor Dr. Bernd Waas


Proficient in

  • English
  • French

Dr. Gerhard Wagner


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Dr. Gerhard Wagner


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