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Dr. Oliver Klein

Income tax is long-term punishment for regular gainful work.

It is completely legitimate for governments to impose tax on their citizens. The creation and maintenance of a free and economically prosperous environment governed by the rule of law requires financial resources.

In the meantime, however, the national budgets in most European countries have increased beyond healthy levels. In addition, tax law is highly complicated. Under the aspect of the rule of law, the fact that experts alone are capable of understanding the legal provisions is cause for concern. This uncertainty and the excessive tax burden primarily affect those who create jobs and contribute to the economy.

Entrepreneurs are the backbone of the prosperity of all citizens. For this reason they have to be able to focus on their core business and to keep and enjoy appropriately the fruits of their work. We assist you in this endeavour. We support you in fulfilling your accounting and tax responsibilities. We also work towards minimizing your tax burden.


Dr. Oliver Klein studied law in Heidelberg and economics in Vienna. His doctoral thesis completed at Heidelberg University concerning a topic in tax law.

Having completed his legal training in Karlsruhe, Dr. Oliver Klein spent a total of 12 years working at two Big 4 companies, namely KPMG and pwc. He spent 3 of those years working in Saudi Arabia.

Dr. Oliver Klein is a lecturer at the Institute for Law and Finance at Frankfurt-am-Main University, where he lectures on tax law within an English-language master course.

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Areas of Specialization

Higher Education

  • Read law at the universities of Heidelberg
  • Read economics in Vienna
  • Legal trainee in Karlsruhe
  • Awarded a doctorate at the University of Heidelberg


Member of

Lectures in

  • Institute for Law and Finance at Frankfurt-am-Main University
    Tax law (english-language master course)

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  • English

Dr. Oliver Klein


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Dr. Oliver Klein


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