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Commercial Law

Our law firm delivers advice to entrepreneurs, enterprises and investors, managing directors and members of the board throughout all phases of the development of an enterprise. Our clients in the area of corporate law include the founders of companies, venture capital investors and established medium-sized enterprises.

We advise shareholders and investors with regard to legal relations with one another, and if necessary conduct proceedings where litigation is unavoidable.

Our law firm has particular experience in guiding technology-oriented enterprises and their shareholders throughout complex and cross-border corporate law matters.

Many decisions under corporate law depend on issues of taxation. For this reason we work closely with tax advisors and auditors.

In traditional commercial law the focus of our work lies on advice concerning the establishment of distribution structures and details of standard terms and conditions of contract.

Foundation of a Company

  • Choice of legal form
  • Drafting of articles of association and shareholders' agreements
  • Coordination of the foundation procedure


  • Capital measures
  • Transformation of companies (mergers, division, change in form)
  • Exclusion of minority shareholders (squeeze-out)

M&A, Financing and Investments

  • Share deal und asset deal
  • Guidance throughout due diligence procedures on the side of the vendor or the purchaser
  • Advice delivered to affiliates and investors where venture capital financing is concerned

Insolvency Law and Restructuring

  • Company management and financing in crisis situations
  • Advice on restructuring
  • Advice for managing directors, creditors and investors in insolvency

Distribution Law

  • Commercial agency contracts
  • Authorized distribution contracts
  • Software distribution (OEM agreements, reseller contracts)


  • Lawsuits contesting the validity of shareholders' resolutions
  • Arbitration proceedings

Public Procurement

Contracts with public authorities represent a significant economic factor – particularly in the construction industry. In the meantime, European statutory provisions markedly characterise the public procurement law.

We assist public authorities with the arrangement and implementation of award procedures. Furthermore, we offer support to companies competing as tenderers for public contracts and, if necessary, provide effective legal protection – not only in the review procedures.


Purchasing is more than just procurement of material. With the increasing globalisation, purchasing has become a strategic and legal challenge for companies. As in purchasing, the conclusion of optimal contracts and the reliable assessment of warranty claims contribute to the success of a company.

We check the contracts, which are important to you in purchasing. We review the terms of delivery of your contractual partners. Moreover, of course, we develop purchase conditions, which exactly reflect your business model.


Sales is more than just the sale of goods – it covers all decisions and systems in order to provide customers with products and services.

We assist you in developing and implementing individual marketing and sales strategies. We formulate contracts and terms and conditions tailored to your specific requirements and develop competitive sales and customer relationship management systems with you.

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