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Intellectual Property and Copyright Law

We advise enterprises and their investors on the protection of intellectual property and on compliance with requirements of competition law. This includes the cross-border protection of R&D results, the structuring of both licence agreements and strategies when dealing with the know-how of an enterprise.

We perform the registration and administration of German, European and international trademarks, and ensure that intellectual property rights are enforced against infringements both in and out of court; we also defend intellectual property against claims made by third parties.

Protection of Copyrights and R&D Results

  • Licence agreements
  • Protection of digital information
  • New forms of technical use and services
  • Advice for technology enterprises in developing an IP strategy

Trademark Law

  • Registration and administration of trademarks
  • Preparation of licence and demarcation agreements

Design Law

  • Registration of designs
  • Concepts and strategies for protection

Competition Law

  • Analysis of distribution concepts, marketing concepts and sales campaigns
  • Know-how protection
  • Website checks

Representation in Litigation

  • Warning notices
  • Preliminary injunction proceedings


Competition offers chances and risks. Freedoms of competition have to be used – limits have to be recognised.

We develop together with you legally reliable strategies to restrict competition law risks and to use competition law freedoms. If necessary, we effectively take action for you against anti-competitive violations of competitors or employees (breach of non-competition clauses, etc.).

Intellectual Property

The economic importance of IP values (brands, design, etc.) and know-how for companies increases more and more. For this reason, IP law represents a core area of our legal business advice.

We actively protect your IP values. Furthermore, we avert warnings and actions against your company. In addition, we advise you when developing sustainable IP strategies – including the corresponding distribution concepts and licence models.


Licences are the basis of the economical use of IP values. Their individual, product-related formulation is of great importance to the economic success of companies, in particular the software sector.

We use our experience in all areas of software usage, traditional desktop applications and with cloud architectures for the formulation of your “tailor-made” licence models and licensing terms. We support software companies, which rely on services of third parties (for example hosting), in both national and international context, to minimise warranty risks and to close gaps in liability.

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