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Construction Law and Law Governing Architects

We advise property developers and investors throughout all phases of their projects, starting with the purchase of land, via realization of the project and including the rental or sale of the property. We ensure that the relevant agreements required are well-coordinated with one another. Where conflicts or differences of opinion arise within a project, we deliver advice in the sense of a viable economic realization of the project for the property developer. If necessary, we assert interests in court.

We advise construction companies during contractual negotiations with property developers and with regard to the details of agreements with sub-contractors. We pay particular consideration to debt management and to averting unjustified demands made by sub-contractors.

Architects, project managers and engineers rely on our expertise especially in the areas of the law governing fees and copyright law.

In addition to outstanding legal expertise and strategic know-how, we also have the necessary understanding of technical matters and of the construction business in order to provide legal guidance throughout all phases of complex projects.


  • Construction and architects' agreements, especially general planning contracts and general contractor's agreements for technically complex major projects (including GMP and PPP projects)
  • Agreements for the sale and utilization of real estate (rental, lease, sale, sale and lease back etc.)
  • Demolition and waste disposal contracts for construction and civil engineering projects

Contractual Negotiations

We represent and provide guidance to our clients during contractual negotiations, and implement the negotiation results promptly in order to ensure rapid conclusion of the contract.

Construction Advice and Crisis Management

  • Where construction delays arise - Where differences of opinion arise, e.g. concerning project specifications and performance
  • Management and aversion of supplements
  • Defect management during the construction phase and following completion, processing of major construction damage with involved parties, investors and insurance companies

Litigation; Arbitration Procedures

If court proceedings are unavoidable, we conduct proceedings for the taking of evidence, arbitration proceedings and proceedings before the courts of ordinary jurisdiction throughout Germany. On an international basis we cooperate with specialized law firms on site.


Because of the technical and legal complexity of building projects, from the very start, competent legal advice is important – for building owners, investors, construction companies and suppliers.

We provide advice to all persons involved in a building project – with excellent legal expertise and technical understanding. We support you and formulate contracts (classical German construction contracts [VOB] or GMP/ open-book), check supplements and, if necessary, enforce warranty claims. Furthermore, architects and engineers appreciate our expertise in copyright and fee law.

Technical Specialist Constructions

The realisation of large building projects (hospitals, sports facilities, energy generation plants, etc.) is extremely complex from a legal and practical point of view. In this case, it is vital to keep an overview, to ensure that all (legal) aspects are adequately taken into account and all sub-projects are perfectly coordinated.

We are not afraid of complex major projects. On the contrary: They are our speciality. We accept the challenge related to such major projects, in order to provide you with maximum legal certainty in the project.

Property Developer

The property development law has significantly evolved throughout the last years, in particular regarding towards consumer protection.

We assist investors as well as buyers and always keep an eye on changes in the legal framework.

Process Control and Project Management

Technically complex projects require professional planning and implementation. In order to create an optimum legal environment for such projects and successfully accompany them, a high degree of understanding for the given technical and economical interrelations is required.

We strive to understand what concerns you with regard to your projects. For this reason, we strive to provide you with our best support.

Public Procurement

Contracts with public authorities represent a significant economic factor – particularly in the construction industry. In the meantime, European statutory provisions markedly characterise the public procurement law.

We assist public authorities with the arrangement and implementation of award procedures. Furthermore, we offer support to companies competing as tenderers for public contracts and, if necessary, provide effective legal protection – not only in the review procedures.

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