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Dispute Resolution


We represent you throughout Germany: We enforce your claims and avert actions. If desired and reasonable, we negotiate composition agreements for you, in order to resolve a legal dispute by common consent.

In doing so, independent procedures of taking evidence are just as obvious as using the technical expertise of external specialists.

Risk assessment and Case Strategy

To bring a case before the court is linked with opportunities and risks – of a legal and economic nature. In order to issue clear and reasonable recommendations for action, juridical, temporal and economical aspects have to be extensively analysed and assessed.

We develop an optimal case strategy prior to a court dispute according to your legal position and economic objectives. In this way, we can always issue clear recommendations for action even in the case of complex issues.

Alternative Methods of Dispute Settlement

Long court proceedings often with an uncertain outcome are particularly uneconomical for companies. For this reason, arbitration agreements, arbitration clauses and mediation procedures continue to gain in importance in the business world. In particular, the internationalisation of the movement of goods and services increasingly requires adequate strategies for dispute settlements.

We also support you in this way, when alternative methods of dispute settlements are the right way for you.

Those who are right should also gain their right. However, there are no hard and fast rules for this – each case, every life situation is unique.

Controversial disputes in court can be the right way to gain one’s right – as well as alternative methods of dispute settlement. For the right way may not only depend on the law, but also on a variety of other factors, such as economic aspects and time frames.

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